Robin Wright in House of Cards

When Netflix chose to produce online streaming series in the likes of traditional TV productions they needed a reliable story, with intriguing characters and the right actors that would give powerful and appealing performances. Their choice eventually materialized through House of Cards, a series that follows the ascent to power of a Machiavellic politician played by Kevin Spacey and his co-conspirator wife, whose shoes are rightly fit by Robin Wright.

The production has broken many records of audience so far and has revived the interest of general public for politics-oriented series. Even if in most of the episodes Kevin Spacey stole the show, one of the most astounding performances that gained many admirers came from Robin Wright. The admiration for her reached such a high level that at one point her role was more popular than any other character on the show. This prompted Wright to ask for equal wages with Spacey’s, going as far as threatening the producers with leaving the show if her demands would not be met.

The struggle that many actresses have to face in the industry has been won by Wright, who eventually gained the wage rise to which she was entitled. Her original performance won her the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Drama Series in 2014, and another two Emmy nominations.

Robin Wright’s ability to play highly-conflicted characters that overcome dramatic experiences has given her the edge in playing the role of Claire Underwood to perfection. It was this role and the worldwide recognition which she received for it that convinced her to return to her acting career, which she had deprioritized in the past decade in order to spend more time with her family. Now that her presence in the Netflix series has become certain, we can expect to see her return in major movie productions as well.